The Final Day - The new champions will be crowned
The final day of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship has arrived. Today the new champions will be crowned in League of Legends and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. In each game a new champion will be determined after the reigning ones got eliminated from the tournament.

League of Legends

In League of Legends the three remaining teams are all from Korea. CJ Entus Frost already secured a place in the final and is now waiting for the opponent. It will be decided between their sister team CJ Entus Blaze and SK Telecom T1.

You can also vote for the League of Legends MVP now. The winner will receive a custom painted unique BenQ monitor. You decide on Facebook.

Semi #2 - 09/03/13 03:30 EST - SK Telecom T1 vs. CJ Entus Blaze
Final - 09/03/13 06:45 EST - CJ Entus Frostvs. tbd
Playoff Bracket

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Only one foreigner remains in the tournament, Ret from the Netherlands. Can he continue his successful run as the last foreigner?

Quarter #3 - 09/03/13 03:30 EST - YongHwa vs. ret
Quarter #4 - 09/03/13 05:00 EST - First vs. violet
Semi #1 - 09/03/13 06:30 EST - MVP vs. YoDa
Semi #2 - 09/03/13 08:00 EST
Final - 09/03/13 09:30 EST
Playoff Bracket

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship

Live on ESL TV in Free HD

All StarCraft II VoDs - All League of Legends VoDs

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