Grubby plays Heart of the Swarm in Brazil
On the first two days of the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters Brazi four well known StarCraft II players will face each other in Heart of the Swarm. KiLLeR, Grubby, White-Ra and Strelok will travel to Sao Paulo to showcase the upcoming expansion to StarCraft II in a series of show matches.

Who will be the crowd favorite?

On Tuesday the 29th and Wednesday the 30th of January, the four players will face each other for Heart of the Swarm show matches at the Intel Extreme Masters Brazil. The event takes place at Campus Party in Sao Paulo. South Americas best player KiLLeR will be the Zerg representative. Grubby, who is qualified for the World Championship at CeBIT, and White-Ra will cover the Protoss side and Strelok is our Terran in Brazil.


The matches will be broadcasted live by ESL TV. Each day three matches will take place, starting at 19:45 CET. You can find the schedule and streams on the official event website.

Intel Extreme Masters Brazil

Intel Extreme Masters Brazil will take place from the 29th January to 2rd February at Campus Party 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The League of Legends tournament taking place here will see eight teams battle it out for $50,000.

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Intel Extreme Masters Brazil
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12 o'clock midday, in Tuesday and Wednesday. Thks, very useful for anyone who is an adult and working.
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