[SC2] Final groups for Guangzhou
The groups for the Global Challenge Guangzhou are now final after the players invited from Korea have been confirmed and several Chinese players and mOOnGlaDe had to be replaced.
The four players who will participate from Korea are PuMa, champion of the Global Challenge Cologne, JYP and RevivaL of Team SCV Life and European expat Jinro.

StarCraft II - Groupstage

Group A Group B Group C Group D
HasuObs dimaga elfittaja Strelok
PiG Rain IdrA iaguz
YHY XiGua Jim Way
PuMa JYP Jinro RevivaL

The three Chinese players Loner, Infi and lovecd had to cancel their participation. They will be replaced by XiGua, Way and a third player that has yet to be announced. Originally it was Jim who should take the spot, but he is too young to participate. Australian native mOOnGlaDe had to cancel his participation as well, his spot will be taken by iaguz.

From the 1-5th of October the Ani-Com & Games will be the host of the Global Challenge Guangzhou which will feature tournaments for StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike and League of Legends.
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