Intel Extreme Masters 2011-12 includes LoL, SC2, CS 1.6
Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II, League of Legends
The 2011-12 season of the Intel Extreme Masters will feature Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II and League of Legends as the main titles and $635,000 seasonal prize money. So far Counter-Strike was featured in all five seasons of the league, StarCraft II comes back for its second season. Both games have been extremely successful at our events so far.

World Championship 2010-11 Gallery

League of Legends makes a debut as a main title of Intel Extreme Masters after it was met with an overwhelmingly positive response at the Hanover Invitational event in March 2011. The extremely popular MOBA game has nourished one of the fastest growing communities in esports and is one of the most popular titles in the ESL platform.

Those three game titles will travel together with Intel Extreme Masters to five different countries so fans around the globe can find out at the World Championship who the world's best gamers are.

You can relive the finals from the last World Championship on YouTube:

LoL Hanover Invitational / CS1.6 Grand Final / SCII Grand Final

More information the Intel Extreme Masters 2011-12 season will be published soon. Stay tuned for more updates to come!
otacon, Monday, 27/06/11 09:03
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No QuakeLive? Fail!
very sad to drop Quakelive..
I must say im a bit relieved that they dropped quake live, no longer will i have to sit through horrible quality streams (even with ESL premium) and listen to mediocre commentators talking. QL in ESL died with 2gd gone.
benelux on top this season , i feel it!!
Where is QL TDM??? Come on guys, you know it's very popular at the moment!
no quake live? that sucks...
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Dropping QL is a big mistake. Its the most exciting and spectator friendly game on the list.
why 1.6 ? why not CSS ?
FFS what's wrong with you guys?
no quakelive, no spectators.
bf gaming's dead bye
Such a bad decision from ESL to drop Quake. The one game that is the very definition of esports.
Great news for LoL!
quake live?

did you realize your Intel banners has Rapha in it? tsc tsc tsc
LoL is only for kids and ppl that are to bad to pick up a game that actually requires skill
Offline nice reason , ur just 2 low for lol.
well, it was fun while it lasted. I'll have to say it's a bit strange to drop the game that easily won the poll you had on some weeks ago though.
no quake => bye bye esl for me
No QL, more sh*tty games again. LoL is, as its name show, a joke.
fuck LoL - give Quake!
Dreadful ESL decision to drop Quakelive.
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nice, is this more money than last year?
QL is boring to watch its not a very interesting game for the spectators who doesn't know much about the game, in LoL you can understand the game in no time
First they killed World Of Warcraft, and now they killing the best fps game in e-sport history !!!

It is very very sad...

Btw LoL is so boring... There is only one map and zero action...
Pretty terrible decision to drop Quake Live, it was the best specator e-sport by far meh
No Quake Live? That's just a terrible, terrible decision. Only reason I ever tuned in to watch and easily the most entertaining and accessible game... Nothing like 1on1 FPS and now it will be gone from ESL... I'm a long time follower and extremely sad to see this.
ah.... hell..... Quake live;;;; ESL is Betrayer...
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shame on you!
<@SyncError|home> LoL paid their way in.
<@SyncError|home> We offered to do the same, but they said they couldn't run 4 games.

Why do u drop QL ??
no ql, even TDM?? you guys are kinding right? wtf seriously... Even if I'm not a QL fan, It's really sad to see no FastFPS in IEM. It's a really bad news.
QL is definitely a game that deserves a spot, just as much as CS. And LoL, really?.. HoN is where all the skill is really at for that genre. C'mon.. make QL at least a side game with a 10-15k prize pool..
I want to see QUAKE LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They took LoL simply because it got A LOT of viewers. And i can understand that but they should have kept QL.
OMG I can't belive there will be no Quake Live on IEMs. Such a bad choice. Quake live has always been 1vs1 king and it was so interesting to watch. Really.. no QL no ESL for me. And by the way: LoL is for kids. It requires apsolute NO SKILL and only kids watch that,god dammit. Cheers Quakers and Quake lovers.
Hofven wrote:
QL is boring to watch its not a very interesting game for the spectators who doesn't know much about the game, in LoL you can understand the game in no time

Wouw, 2 dudes, 2 guns, one dude shoot other dude dead, dude a-live has a point.... Jezus christ that is hard.
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Really fucking dissapointed to see QUAKE LIVE dropped. Quake gave birth to, and still defines what E-Sport is and should be about. LoL is just another retarded game for pre-teens and I doubt I would even accept it for an e-sport paralympics, maybe dota would qualify for that.

This is like a strategy board game tournament dropping chess, go, or what have you- in favor for monopoly or another retarded board game.
Please, while you're at it, switch SC2 for angry birds, much easier for your crowd to follow due to their obviously lacking cognitive faculties.

PS. CS 1.6 should probably give room for CoD on xbox (because it's slower and [even] dumber than on pc and easier to follow) DS.
yeeehhhaaa CS 1.6 best!!!
When and where can I register for the qualification (cs 1.6)?
when will be the national pro series held?
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When do cs 1,6 qualifications starT?
All who say that lol is for kids or boring, never tried this game, or failed.
I think they failed..
Lol is a nice game for spectators and it become famous in a short time, good game! :)
Well only reason League of Legends is there is because its the most user friendly MOBA game out there.

HoN didnt make list because it failed at making their game apply to new people.

IEM isnt about letting the most skilled gamers win prizes, its for advertising and it sure wouldnt make much financial sense to write HoN on the list and I guess nearly everyone knows that.

Sry for being Captain Obvious, but someone had to take the obvious role.
awesome! still love cs
no ql. basically just gunna watch sc2 replays on utube a few weeks after they are done then
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