Who is going to be Oceania's Quake Live representative?
During December four qualifiers were held for Australian's and New Zealand's Quake Live community by 4SeasonsGaming. Top 4 of each cup qualified for a groupstage consisting of four groups of four, which is about to start on Sunday. From January 9th to the 16th 2011 4SeasonsGaming will identify the first Oceanic blooded participant, who attends the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship.
Each groups winner and runner-up will advance to single elimination playoffs. The winner receives free flights and accommodation to the Intel Extreme Masters World Championships held on March 1st to 5th at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. 4Seasons Gaming will also stream the tournaments live as they happen, with special guest casters to join them for the final event.

Oceanic Quake Live Qualification

Group A
Daniel "Dandaking" De Sousa
Matt "Xcope" Lee-Roy
Jan "REDDGrrr" Cabal
John "pathe" hoddinott
  Group B
Andrew "chacha" Chacha
Nicholas "nomenome" Burfield
Jake "CHV" Hope
Michael "wch" Orford
Group C
Pater "Ventz" Kidson
David "ZenAkU" Addati
Matt "Haymo" Hayman
Frazer "Frazernator" Hockley
  Group D
Tim "zlr" Shey
Michal "rep" Czechowski
Ed "panth" Panther
Jordan "roffo" Roff

Australia and New Zealand's Champion will be the sixth known World Championship participant. While k1llsen won a spot at gamescom's Global Challenge Cologne, four Continental spots were given to rapha, DaHang, Vo0 and czm at the American Championship Finals in New York. The European Championship Finals will round out CeBIT's dozen only a few days later from 20th to 23rd of January in Kiev.
otacon, Friday, 07/01/11 18:05
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Who's chacha?
Go Python! :)
Does anyone have any information regarding the countries of each of these players?
Everyone is from Australia except chv, nomenome and roffo who are from nz. RedGrrr just moved to Australia recently from the Czech Republic.
Looks promising!
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