stermy & nitrino have to leave EU Championship
Unfortunately two participants of Quake Live's European Championship have to leave the running season. Alessandro 'stermy' Avallone and Alexey 'Nitrino' Kartashev gathered too many penalty points for several reasons, which were mainly caused by not showing up to their match dates.
Nitrino received 10 minor penalties and 2 major penalties. By now Stermy completed only one out of four matches. Several no-shows, match postponements and insufficient communication with regard to scheduling caused 20 Minor Penalties and 3 Major Penalties. Therefore stermy and Nitrino are disqualified from the Intel Extreme Masters Season 5.

All of their matches, given penalty points and wildcards used by their opponents will be nullified.
otacon, Wednesday, 01/12/10 09:17
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What about writing the reason why they didn't show..
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