European Championship Finals at CyberSport Arena
Dóbry djen, Ukrajina!
The Ukrainian game center CyberSport Arena will be the host of Intel Extreme Masters 5' European Championship Finals. A total of $114,400 is the prize pot the contestants of the European Championship of Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 are competing for. From 20th to 23rd of January Europe's eSports elite will meet for its Continental showdown in Kiev.

CyberSport Arena is located in Ukraine's capital and is considered one of the most advanced gaming clubs in Europe. Located in the central district of the city it includes a shop for gamers, a gaming hall equipped with 200 super-modern computers on the basis of Intel Core i5 processors, a sports bar and its highlight a spectator hall for 150 visitors with all necessary television equipment for the organization of live broadcasts.

European Championship's groupstage just started, so the list of qualified players is still to be determined over the next few months. These teams and players will include top gamers from their respective games, such as reigning European and World Champions mousesports, Natus Vincere and cypher for Counter-Strike and Quake Live as well as MorroW and DIMAGA from our newest discpline StarCraft II.

It is the first time in Intel Extreme Masters' history, that Europe's Continental season will culminate outside of Germany. We are excited to let this happen in one of the most renowned eSports locations in Europe, Kiev CyberSport Arena.
otacon, Friday, 22/10/10 09:30
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I'm shaking with excitement!!!!
This place has got all the facilities required for it to become the Mecca of esports in Europe.
very good news ))
Nice job Ukraine. Nice for Estern Europe eSport.
GL Kiev
Is this ASUS Winter 2010 already? : p
Good for e-sport in ukraine.
@#2 for sure :)

gogo Ukraine gogo NaVi

nice news btw, hope I will be able to visit it
what about tickets price and preorder possibility ?
Dota! Dota!
Awesome news! I'm absolutely have to be there! =) Thanks for your trust to our country!
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