Groups for American Championship Finals
Who will make it to the semi finals?
The groups of the American Championship Finals are drawn. Watch the competition for the American Champion title and additional prize purse of $60,200 live at New York Comic Con or at ESL TV October 8th to 10th. The best of them will qualify for the World Championship taking place in early 2011.

American Championship Finals Counter-Strike Groups

This season the North-American teams get company from their southern neighbors. Will Team EG be able to defend their Championship title or are the Brazilians from compLexity (former Firegamers) strong enough to gain the second title after MiBR won in 2008?

American Championship Finals StarCraft II Groups

This will be the first continental StarCraft II showdown of the Intel Extreme Masters. Who is going to make history and win the first title?

American Championship Finals Quake Live Groups

These eight players survived the regular season and will now face each other in New York. We are looking forward to see Quake legends such as czm or Zero4, PainKiller hero Vo0 as well as the reigning Intel Extreme Masters champions rapha and DaHang on site, and so should you!

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