Intel Extreme Masters V on Eurosport!
Intel Extreme Masters makes it to television. The fifth season of the global league of eSports champions will get its own show on an European tv station. Eurosport is a sports satellite and cable network, available in 59 countries and broadcasting in 20 different languages.

Eurosport will broadcast a multiple episode-show featuring the upcoming season. Each episode will focus on one event, one game and one star player of the Intel Extreme Masters. Both, hardcore eSports fans and the established Eurosport audience, will take delight in these episodes. The show will deliver exciting eSports, but also take a behind-the-scenes look at the players routines and challenges to prepare for this international gaming league with a total purse of $400,000 at stake.

Stay tuned for more information about the Intel Extreme Masters show on Eurosport!
otacon, Tuesday, 27/07/10 11:36
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sound cool :)
wow .. egames goes huge
awesome :D
great thing! :)
Good Job ESL!! :-)

Every eSportfan have to tune in!!!!
Well done ESL! Keep on the good work :)
Yeah thats nice !
A dream comes true e-sports im free TV
This can be the biggest thing in esport-history
Yeah right thing! I'm looking forward of the cooperation!
Eurosport or Eurosport2?

Eurosport (1)
Both Eurosport 1 and 2.
This is great feature and awesome information.
n1 ! :)
Nice ! :D
That´s a great success already!
well eurosport didnt even annouced it jet n theres no information at all bout such a series.
Carmac wrote:
Both Eurosport 1 and 2.

and What Time?
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I saw a picture of EuroSport cameramen in the IEM event on HLTV's website.
luni wrote:
I saw a picture of EuroSport cameramen in the IEM event on HLTV's website.

Can you give for other peoples any links?

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When we can see CS on Eurosport?
Any date and hour?
nice! 18-22.08?
Fantastic news :)
awesome <3
E-Sport: Electronic Sports League 2010 - Intel Extreme Masters in Shanghai (CHN) - Zusammenfassung vom 29. Juli bis 1. August (30Min)

HF. guys :)
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