dkt to replace proZaC at the World Championship
"The p1mp" will not attend at CeBIT in Hannover
Due to university obligations Cyrus '4097263' Malekani, who placed 2nd at the Asian Championship Finals, is not able to join the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship at CeBIT. After a quite good performance and a lot of entertainment in Taipei, the p1mp will miss the big chance to shine in Germany.

Since all Asian players are not able to take part in the World Championship the replacement for his spot in Group B is no one else then Brian 'dkt' Flander, who placed 7th/8th in the American Championship Finals. He is now going to face starplayers like strenx, 2914001 or 2577084 who will be a tough challenge for his piece of the $20,000 total prize money.
Soodi, Saturday, 20/02/10 08:14
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why not calipt, vo0 already got replaced with a NA so i see no reason to add yet another american
#1 -> Vo0 was playing as a NA since he's living in USA. That's quite logic he gets replaced by someone from the American Champ.

About dkt, I guess he was the only one who could make it to Europe on such short notice. His rank in the NA finals can be considered better than calipt's rank in the euro finals overall as well.
i really don't see how his rank in the NA finals would be better considering that a player like vo0 who wouldn't have made it to the finals in the EU-Tourney qualified in america

basicly that is a free spot for america when there are so many more better players from europe

i mean it's all good and nice to replace vo0 with the nextbest player from the NA-tournament. but this is about the asian tournament so either send the nextbest asian or one of the many topplayers from europe who didnt make it and are considerably better than any of the top americans
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considering duel strength and the randomness from the area pick (why NA?) this spot surely was supposed to be going to spartie. as he is easily the strongest duel player in the world atm who has not qualified...
hopefully he could not make it due to his schedule, if not this is a flawed decision.
Considering two players placed better than and three players placed as good as Spart1e in the tournament, where you had to qualify for the World Championship, your argument is rubbish. This isn't an invite tournament.
Well dkt placed LAST in the US qualifiers. I DID NOT!
When you have to replace a player, you don't start at the end of placings. You start at the top and eliminate each player who is already qualified or cannot participate. dkt placed 7th in Edmonton.

You can argue that this isn't the best decision, but it isn't a wrong or unfair decision.
I know this will probably come out stupid but:

Only Europe had playoff's and "playdowns", yes, we got 6 spots, based on the amount of players that play active and on a professional scale.

So when dkt replaced proZac it becomes weird.

dkt played groupstage only, he had 3 losses to his game then, he played less, and showed less.
In the playdown that determined 4-8 spot in the EU torunament players like calipt, killsen, fox, stermy played more games and got into or went out of the finals.

My point would be that if you'd do a comparative table of these events anyone could argue that since there were more players in the EU tournament, more games were played, more skill was shown that spots would be for those players based on what they showed up untill this point in this game. To me personally it doesn't affect anything, and you've made your decision. All you should have done is explain it in a manner the whole community will understand.

Before the whole dropout thing going on the finals were already 8 spot EU and rest on AM/Asian players. Meaning vOo and proZac qualified on other tournaments but are still EU players from a point of origin. That is the real state that maybe should have been kept as is.

I really wish all the best to both griffin and dkt on the tournament and hope they kick some ass just to prove many of us wrong. Also to make for better shows on your eslTV.

To conclude this long reply, maybe it's not the best decision, maybe not the worst. But if you look at what a player must do to get a spot to play in the grand tournament then we could call it unfair.
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it's so sad that proZac didn't go =(
roccat ftw!!
I love you, ROCCAT! :)
why not spart1e..
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