Quake Like Seeding Pools & Schedule
Europe's Top16 duellers
While the Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft teams will determine their European Champions the next four days, the Quake Live community has to wait another week. From 21st to 24th of January these 16 players will compete for the European Championship title and six slots for the World Championship Finals.

We will have 4 groups of 4 with top 2 going into the playoffs. To assure fair and balanced groups we've created four seed pools. The groups will be drawn at ESL TV during this weekends European Championship Coverage. cg_drawItemPickups will not be used during this tournament. A poll between all players resulted in use of cg_drawItemPickups 0, which otherwise draws timestamps when player pick up items and weapons.

Quake Live Seeding Pools


    Thursday, 21st of January 2010
      21/01/10 08:00 EST QL Groupstage - Group A
      21/01/10 12:20 EST QL Groupstage - Group B
    Friday, 22nd of January 2010
      22/01/10 08:00 EST QL Groupstage - Group C
      22/01/10 12:20 EST QL Groupstage - Group D
    Saturday, 23rd of January 2010
      23/01/10 07:00 EST Quarter Finals
      23/01/10 11:00 EST Playdown Match #1
      23/01/10 12:00 EST Playdown Match #2
      23/01/10 13:00 EST Games for 5th and 7th Place
    Sunday, 24th of January 2010
      24/01/10 06:00 EST Semi Final #1
      24/01/10 06:40 EST Semi Final #2
      24/01/10 07:50 EST Game for 3rd Place
      24/01/10 08:50 EST Grand Final
otacon, Wednesday, 13/01/10 11:21
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Good luck guard.
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go go go noctis!
k1llsen and calipt are in the Grand Final!! ;>
go noctis!
av3k will win it!

Go draven!
cypher and cooller - pool 1 :)

gogo leshqa)
Quake Like?
gl :)
gl boys :)
gl everyone! :)
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