European Championship: Relegation matches drawn
The Intel Extreme Masters European Championship relegation will bring us the hottest matches of winter. Only the winners will go to the European Championship Finals and a lot of high class teams have to take these extra matches. Get these important relegation matches of teams like mTw, n!faculty, AGAiN and MYM first here!

About the relegation

In the relegation all 2nd and 3rd placed teams will once again have to show their A-play before the European Championship Finals take place. The 2nd placed teams are set and will have to face one of the 3rd placed teams. See these matches right from Tuesday on!

Intel Extreme Masters - European Championship: The relegation

mTw int. vs. handiquacks
AGAiN vs. oXmoze
OLD Frag eXecutors vs. Millenium LoL.EMS
Teamedit vs. mousesports /sdasdasdasd /KerchNET
mousesports/ sdasdasdasd/ KerchNET vs. Hell Raisers
POPPERS! vs. MeetYourMakers

Enjoy these six matches to see who's going to join the group winners at the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship Finals early 2010!
Soodi, Monday, 07/12/09 18:36
European Championship
European Championship - Relegation
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go go go =)
Why here you write that Mtw must play relegation matches? They will play today vs Artlez and they can take 1st spot in group.
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mTw lost to h2k and if both teams have the same amount of points the direct result between both teams count and as h2k won vs. mTw they are first anyway.
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So even if Mtw will win 2:0 vs. Artlez they will have 12points same like H2k and will be 2nd? :(
bye poland ~
Nice go -M- and oXz :D
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