Fourteen QR1 matches tonight, Tuesday 22nd
Tonight, Tuesday 22nd, fourteen matches of the Qualification Round 1 in the European Counter-Strike season carries through. Now is the time to support your national representatives as 28 teams from all over Europe will battle it out tonight, starting the first match 20:30 CET.

Everything at stake

If you are familiar with the Qualification Rounds system, you know that everything is at stake for these 28 teams tonight. Winning means heading on to Qualification Round 2, which later on leads to the European Championship. Losing means the end for this season.

So far, three matches have already been played, where two Norwegian teams overcome powerhouses from Finland and Bulgaria, followed by Bulgarian Home Dominant.

K1ck eSports Club1:2 Home Dominant
Against All Laws Of Nature1:2 DISH!
visage2:1 Exitus Letalis

Tonights Matches

Kurupt_planet_asiavs. To Be Announced - 20:30 CET
nOu 2k9vs. DEFEATERS - 21:00 CET
tpUsvs. Ledpc e-Sports Club - 21:00 CET
mystical Lambda e.V.vs. Delinquent Habits - 21:00 CET
eSubavs. Antwerp Aces - 21:00 CET
INCOGNITOvs. neXtPlease Gaming - 21:00 CET
Snabbvs. snT - 21:00 CET
NETZHEROESvs. fivefacts - 21:00 CET
Team-Coolermastervs. volgare - 21:00 CET
KerchNETvs. BenQ Deltasport - 21:00 CET
Team DSRackvs. wooSai.swe - 21:00 CET
PlayMorevs. Pincho Baltics - 22:00 CET
team skozivs. - 22:00 CET
Virtuoso.csvs. Team - 22:00 CET

For more information on the Qualification Rounds, go here.
Genie, Tuesday, 22/09/09 07:24
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