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The Results

The first Global Challenge of the Intel Extreme Masters III at Games Convention is finished. 12 top-class teams competed for 30,000USD and 2 Global Final slots for their continent. The very happy winners of the first Global Challenge are Nihilum Plasma from Germany and SK Gaming from the United Kingdom. This means that Europe will be able to send 2 more teams to the Intel Extreme Masters III Global Final.

1st Place: Nihilum Plasma (15,000 USD)
2nd Place: SK Gaming (6,000 USD)
3rd Place: fnatic (3,600 USD)
4th Place: x6tence (2,400 USD)
5th / 6th Place: mousesports (1,500 USD)
5th / 6th Place: Pandemic Blue (1,500 USD)

Top-class eSport at Games Convention

The ESL Intel Arena at the Games Convention will be a great experience for everyone. The start of the third Intel Extreme Masters season show you eSport at its best and the 2,600 square sized ESL Intel Arena you can test brand new games, high end hardware and just have fun. The Global Challenge Leipzig will bring hottest World of Warcraft action to you and thousand of other enthusiastic gamers.

The best WoW teams in the world!

The 12 best World of Warcraft teams in the world will attend at this thrilling event! Nihilim, Pandemic, SK Gaming and nine other top-class teams will show a great performance in Leipzig at the Games Convention. This is the complete list of all participants: