FIFA 14 | PS4 Sunday Series Cup 10 (July)
Welcome to the first Sunday Series Cup for the PS4 in July. See the details below for the timings and rules. At the bottom is a comment wall to post your enquiries about the cup.
We are running Series of Cups every week, to determine the monthly champion. This is done by accumulating points from where you finish in each weekly cup.

The player with the most points after the 4 cups in that month will be crowned the monthly series champion.

Also, to make things more interesting we will give each cup a theme, where we use different teams across the world and vary the ratings to spice things up and test your FIFA ability. So always look out what the theme or team we will be using for each tourney.

Weekly Cup Point System:

1st = 25pts
2nd = 18pts
3rd = 15pts
4th = 10pts
5th - 8th = 5pts
9th - 16 = 2pts

PS4 Sunday Series Cup 10 (Jul)

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 20:30 - 20:50 BST)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Sign up until Sunday, 20:30 BST
Date: Sunday, 20th Jul
Start: 21:00 BST
Structure: 16 Players, Single Elimination
Coverage: Bracket & Contestants

Basic rules:

Modus: Best of 1 with ET/GoldenGoal
Half length:
Game Type: Ranked

Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL 
Enter a contact method (Skype, Yahoo, etc.) 
Enter a PSN ID 
Click the sign up link!


Tourney Format

  • FIFA 14 TEAMS = Any FIFA 14 Team
  • STADIUM = Any
  • INJURIES = Off
  • HANDBALL = Off
  • HALF LENGTH = 6 Minutes
  • BO1 (1 game each round)
    If tied, play ET/PENS or Both agree on Golden Goal but confirm with Admin
  • 16 player tourney = 4 rounds
  • All times in UK timezone (BST)
  • Registration ends at 20/07/14 @ 8:30pm
  • All players to check in no later than 8:50pm
  • Round start times:
    1st round - 9:00pm
    Quarters - 9:45pm
    Semi Final - 10:15pm
    Final - 10:45pm

Use the Bracket tab to see who you are playing and also to report your scores by clicking on the vs on the bracket. That will open up a page where you can leave comments and correspond with your opponent or admin. Also there is a link to report your match score.

Please bare in mind each round has a deadline to play the game, so if you're late playing the result could go against you as a default.

Enquiries to be made on the comment wall below.
7982944, Tuesday, 15/07/14 18:06
Sweetpatch.TV FIFA 14 (PS4) Sunday Series Cup 10
comments (37)
Hey I'm here
Im ready
Checking in
Checked in
Nice one lads, looks like there is only 6 down for the tourney, so if you have the time will run with bo3 games - report the scores as 2-0 or 2-1, any objections ?
here, I can't do BO3 however, I have to be up at 6am and still have a couple things that need doing so should I sit this out?
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Sounds cool
Bo3 is an option if both players agree, but brownie is struggling for time so so would prefer bo1, so just be clear to your opponent before you start lads - brackets will be up in 5mins..
I'd have to agree with Tom, given the start time tonight could we do just 1 game per round?
Yeah I'm cool with one off games if everyone else is
1 game suits me.
Bracket is up lads - bo1 is cool, gl lads
Is hail even playing tonight? thats who I have in my match?
see if he's on psn mate....
Cheers lads, good luck all
SPTV-Nidge wrote:
see if he's on psn mate....
nope hes not on mate.
grr...drop him a message on psn he might pick it up on his remind him if not you will get a default....
Are we counting kickoff glitch goals
No mate they aint allowed !
not heard back from hail
Cool. Isaac scored one and we weren't sure if they were allowed or not
howie play tom now mate - thanks...

ye guys no kick off glitch allowed.....
GG Howie! Won 2-0
Gotta play golden goal now nidge
ok chaps gl lads....

Howie dont forget your 3rd place play off mate...

by the way lads leave your twitter names so i can shout out later....ill just copy and paste cause im lazy lol
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Jumping in the shower
I lost 1-0
Back to destiny beta lol
lol ul si, u still fancy playing for our SPTV club mate we play on thursdays from 8.30pm...
I'm not very good at clubs tbh. I tried building up my pro but he's still shite.
Cant be any worse than me mate lol, but if you fancy feel free to join us Thursdays....
Cool cheers mate
Kicking off now for the final! Can't stream because PSN Network and EA seems to be laggy!
ok nice 1 lads gl have fun :)
Won 1-0
GG Tom
Thanks for playing lads and showing your support.......

Well played all :)

Weekly Cup Point System:

1st = 25pts - iTsTom
2nd = 18pts - Isaac
3rd = 15pts - Mr.Plough
4th = 10pts - Howie
Hey lads, was tied up yesterday and couldn't make it to the PS4 for the start of this tournament, I've just been registering my interest to participate as standard and as I didn't check in I thought I wouldn't have been included so apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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