8132879 vs. tricky
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 4.  8.

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MatchID 29520572
Date Monday, 03/02/14 14:00
Calculated 09/02/14 10:06
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3 : 0
8132879 wins !
Points +3 : 0
comments (10)
hi ya mate let us know when u wanna plau our game mate im on most nightfgrom7-10 uk cheers psn trickyricky1977
Alright mate.

I have added you on psn now just need you to accept. I will be on tomorrow night if you're okay to play then? I will be free from 9pm onwards i reckon.


yer sounds good should be able to make it tonight but have top get off at 10 pm
Arragh! Sorry i missed you mate. Been a busy long day! Im next available saturday or sunday day time if you're around then?
cant do sunday nans bday Saturday depends what time not sure only can get on realy 7-10 pm if you can let us know what time sat il try my best
im around now for a few hours if you're about??
best I can do is 7-12 tonight
Wont be on either night on a weekend mate. Missus wouldnt allow it lol!

Shall we try between 1pm & 3pm tomorrow like you mentioned on PSN?
can we do 3pm mate sunday
yes ok i will be on then mate.
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