8133448 vs. m1ght
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MatchID 29520555
Date Monday, 20/01/14 14:00
Calculated 20/01/14 14:40
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1 : 0
8133448 wins !
Points +3 : 0
20/01/14 15:59
Good game
Very tight game. Lots of misplaced passing mixed with some tight defending made the game bitty and erratic. The first half ended with only 1 shot on goal!

The second half was more open, with plenty of chances on both sides although nothing clear cut. The winner came in the 87th minute when a cleared cross found its way to the edge of the box before being rifled into the top corner - bang!
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Hi m1ght. When can we get this played? I can play any day this week from about 7pm uk time, till around 10pm. How about Monday night?
Hi. I think we have to play on schedule.
We can play any time this week Monday to Sunday. We have to agree a time. What time suits tonight?
i want to play on schedule:)
Elm was the scorer
I played this match as a home fixture.
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