Parky vs. Brownie t lfc
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 9.  5.

 Brownie t lfc
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MatchID 29520553
Date Monday, 03/02/14 14:00
Calculated 14/02/14 19:06
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I am not available tomorrow as I have uni 11-12 then work 2-11!
I can play pretty much anytime during the week anytime after 9pm. Let me know what day suits you mate.
Ok, I can play tonight after 9! I have pro club practice 7-9 so I can play straight after!
Great, just added you to PSN.
When you next available buddy? I can play tomorrow about 6ish, but I need to go out at 7. Can't make Friday at all. I'm free at the weekend.
Alright mate, when will you next be on? I haven't seen you online when I have been on!
I can play tonight if your about. What's best time for you and I'll do my best to get on?
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