Brownie t lfc vs. 7994354
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 Brownie t lfc
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MatchID 29520552
Date Monday, 27/01/14 14:00
Calculated 10/02/14 19:28
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7994354 wins !
Points 0 : +3
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Ignore this!
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Ignore what mate lol
Best nights for me next week are Thursday or Friday from 10pm mate....
Thursday will be good at 10PM!
Sorry to do this but can not be helped - my gf is very sick at minute and iv got to run her to the hospital again, so its more thank likely i wont be round to play tonight depending what time i'm back. Otherwise let me know whats good for you friday night and the weekend mate. Once again sorry.. :(
Friday I can play! Saturday am going a party, Sunday should be ok though I have pro club matches then as well!
Ok will play it by ear, if not we can always play it in the week. Sorry about this :(
If we dont catch each other this week mate, we can do a double header and play both games, from the 17th....
Ok mate! I will keep an eye out for you though :)
gg mate, i bet you felt robbed there, my keeps was on top form and although my goal was well taken was very unfortunate how it fell in my path, vul im sure u will get your revenge on the return match lol....
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