8005902 vs. Whips
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 4.  12.

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MatchID 29528814
Date Monday, 27/01/14 16:00
Calculated 28/01/14 19:07
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2 : 0
8005902 wins !
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play tonight at 9?
Sorry mate, haven't seen this until now. I'm available any time after 10.30 this week. Add me, my GT is BruceL33t
I have added you, lets play tonight at 10:30

Unitz Ben I presume?
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Things came up, I was unable to play, we have an entire week to finish this game. I will most certainly contest this.
You could have let me know! I had other things I could have been doing but we arranged a time and day. Then I sat there for over an hour waiting for you to come online and got NOTHING.
I highly doubt you sat there for over an hour at 10:30 at night.
Yes, yes I did. I messaged you on XBL at 11 then played a couple of games until 11.30 waiting to see if you came on late. Hence why I'm so pissed off about the whole thing because we arranged a time and then I didn't get a message on here, on XBL or anything to let me know you couldn't make it.
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This game can be played at later date if unable to play this week, its not a problem, for now its p-p.

But please in future drop me a message if you have any issues, where i can try resolve before anything get out of hands chaps...

Many thanks...
Give me a date and time when you are free.
Next week I'll arrange a day with LoveFrenchy and I'll play you same day after I've played him.
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Ok cool lads :)
Ok already played Frenchy. I can do tomorrow or friday night, possibly Sunday if needs be.
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