Quake Live Super Sunday Cup #2
Following last weekend's successful cup we are back for another Super Sunday Cup for Quake Lovers to come and compete against other UK players. The first round will kick off at 7.00pm this Sunday.


We giving away Premium and ESL TV for the winners!

1st. 3 month Premium + 1 month ESL TV
2nd. 2 month Premium + 2 weeks ESL TV
3rd. 1 month Premium + 1 week ESL TV
4th. 1 month Premium

Find out more about ESL Premium and ESL TV.

Cup details

- 32 players
- Double elimination
- One map, fixed for each round
- Campgrounds Redux (qzdm6), Lost World (qzdm13), Vertical Vengeance (tourney4), Almost Lost (tourney6), Furious Heights (tourney7), Blood Run (ztntourney1)
- Starts 7pm Sunday
- Cup is finished in one night!
- Be in #esl.uk on Quakenet IRC!

How to sign up

You need to register on the ESL.

Important! If you have ever registered before and you have forgotten your details, do not make a new account, write a support ticket.

You must register your Quake Live gameaccount.

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TheRogue, Thursday, 23/07/09 11:30
Players signed up so far
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doh parents are visiting so won't be able to play :(
I see Nemesis signed up. i wonder how good he is at a game that's not just accelerate & brake. ;P
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