Three last chance EPS qualifiers
We have three more spots in the Quake Live ESL Pro Series up for grabs open to anyone from the UK and Ireland to compete for.
All qualifiers will be best of three maps and single elimination.

The winner of each qualifier will be invited to the ESL Pro Series

Three separate qualifiers will take place on the following days, starting at 8pm UK:

Wednesday 3rd March Sign up
Thursday 4th March Sign up
Sunday 7th March Sign up

You must confirm your place in the cup after 7pm using the sign up link again!

Please be in during the qualifiers!

Participants should bear in mind that if you qualify and participate in the ESL Pro Series, the requirements include having ESL Premium and displaying your full name, age, city and photo of yourself on your ESL profile.
TheRogue, Tuesday, 02/03/10 14:28
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MTGEurope.Hippy for one spot
can't sign up just goes to a bad link :P THERE'S GO MY ESPORTS CAREER DOWN THE DRAIN!
YOSEN, fixed, sorry, I'm stupid!
we know
Can an admin accept me please bcause when i clikc sign up it says waiting on an admin :D
What happens after times ran down?
Time ran down and I'm off unconfirmed list? Where do I confirm? I got no messages
Never mind sorted :)
LoOkZor u there? for our game dude
why did you default? I'm on IRC and you never contacted me...
oops i got here at 7:01 and couldnt cant check in :*(
I thought the checking in was for after 7 :(
Can a admin clarify I have a place in the qualifiers please :D
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