ESL UK Quake Live League - October 2009
The ESL UK Leagues are a fast and fun monthly tournament for UK players to battle it out. Every player gets to play plenty of matches and has a good shot at earning ESL Premium and ESL TV prizes. Sign ups are open for the October League now!

The League

The aim of the League is to give UK players a fast and fun tournament to play in every month and have a good chance of finishing with some prizes.

There's a ladder too!

Remember, we also have a regular 1on1 Ladder for you to play in and get practice while waiting for the League to begin!


The following prizes are available for each division.

1st. 1 months Premium + 1 month ESL TV
2nd. 1 months Premium + 2 weeks ESL TV
3rd. 2 week ESL TV

Find out more about ESL Premium and ESL TV.


- Monthly seasons
- Skill based divisions of 8 players
- 7 matches
- No Playoffs


Playday 1. Monday 5th October, 8pm UK
Playday 2. Wednesday 7th October, 8pm UK
Playday 3. Monday 12th October, 8pm UK
Playday 4. Wednesday 14th October, 8pm UK
Playday 5. Monday 19th October, 8pm UK
Playday 6. Wednesday 21st October, 8pm UK
Playday 7. Monday 26th October, 8pm UK


- No show is a default loss, two no shows is a kick
- Matches can be rescheduled, but must be protested more than 24 hours before the scheduled time
- Matches are best of three, each player picks one, decider is random
- EPS players not allowed
- Click here for more

Guide: How to sign up

You need to register on the ESL.

Important! If you have ever registered before and you have forgotten your details, do not make a new account, write a support ticket.

You need to register your Quake Live gameaccount.

Sign up here!


If you have any problems or questions, please write a support ticket!

Your Admin team
TheRogue, Thursday, 24/09/09 04:31
Players that have signed up
comments (3)
Monday 8pm wouldn't suit me as I need to catch a train, but matches could be re-scheduled to Tuesday, right?
Yup, as long as you protest your match more than 24 hours before, rescheduling is fine
I dont duel a great deal but have entered for kicks.. or for the craic as emsixteen would say :)

GL to all m16 ftw :)
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