Sabre vs. Lydia
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 3.  10.

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MatchID 19969062
Date Tuesday, 11/01/11 15:00
Calculated 30/01/11 19:07
firstmap ESL Double Raibow
secondmap ESL Caldereta
thirdmap To be decided
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ESL Double Raibow 7 : 0
ESL Caldereta 7 : 2
Sabre wins !
Points +3 : 0
30/01/11 17:30
51 kB, 30/01/11 17:30, by Sabre
30/01/11 17:30
ESL-Double Raibow
52 kB, 30/01/11 17:30, by Sabre
11/01/11 13:16
Match 6#
Well here we go!. My absense from the EPS will be a test of my abilitys in this match, due to computer problems i have been unable to game at all the last 3 months, but im going to try and not let this hinder my abilitys. I know Sabre is fast...really fast, so im going to have to pull out all my tricks to beat him. GL&HF

10/11/10 16:50
Playday 6
And here we go for the sixth time! This time I face gilby, an old school but by no means a bad player. I know that to carry on my streak, I will need to be in good shape and I hope this is the case come Sunday. Gl hf Gilby :)
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use esl#1 server plz
Hey server? ESL dont seem to have maps
dunno, i asked daz but i dunno :/
:/ Will ask around see if anyone has a spare one :)
both have agreed to a reschedule as no server was ready to be played on. tried asking around but noone had one to spare, so a reschedule has been agreed
the servers are up
ok gilby, i cant play from saturday 18h cet to sunday 18h cet cause of the competo 24h. When can you play?
Hey sorry, i just finished playing 3 matches tonight, thought it be best to leave this until sometime next week, im starting college tomorrow, and i haven't got my timetable yet so i am unable to give you days, time etc, but i will keep you informed!.
when are you going to play this match?
when gilby replies?

edit: gilby???
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