4198527 vs. Lydia
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MatchID 19969019
Date Sunday, 10/10/10 15:30
Calculated 10/10/10 16:09
firstmap ESL YoYo
secondmap ESL Caldereta
thirdmap ESL GravE
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ESL YoYo 7 : 0
ESL Caldereta 7 : 0
4198527 wins !
Points +3 : 0
10/10/10 16:17
Round 1 - ESL - Yo Yo
133 kB, 10/10/10 16:17, by 4198527
10/10/10 16:11
Round 2 - ESL - Caldereta
133 kB, 10/10/10 16:11, by 4198527
10/10/10 16:22
257 kB, 10/10/10 16:22, by 4198527
06/10/10 20:00
First Match
This will be my first EPS. I know that Yizu will be a hard first match, but im up for the challenge and will do my best to come a close second (:

I am going to keep this short and simple, and wish everyone competing the best of luck, i look forward to playing you all, especially shaw :D

Race hard, have fun!
07/10/10 04:32
New season starts
I'm looking foreward to this season immensely. After finishing second last season I hope to repeat this success in EPS4. Since Hotswat is taking a Trackmania hiatus I am now seeded no1 in the list.

I much prefer a 1on1 format as it feels much more like a tournament than a series of cup mode matches.

The tracks this season are also good drives, there should be some very close matches along the way.

My first match is against Gilby, I know he has been around for a while in this game but I don't know much about his abilities so I am not assuming him to be slow by any means.

Here's hoping for a good season! ^_^
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I ban Double Raibow
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I ban Crescendolls
I choose YoYo
I choose Caldereta


Good luck & Have fun :D
use server: ESL # 1 EPS for this match plz,
Good game mate, you played really well, I had a nice power cut when we were talking at the end, sorry (:
no probs, gg
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