RazerBlader vs. 4297556
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MatchID 19969008
Date Monday 07 February 2011 21:00
Calculated Thursday 10 February 2011 01:09
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RazerBlader wins ! (Default Win)
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07/02/11 16:57
vs Drumz
My TvT is fairly good right now, so its looking good. GL HF.
07/02/11 13:33
vs RazerBlader
I will try my best for the last match of this season. Gl Hf.
comments (4)
hey, i have serious graphics issues and i'm trying to fix them... sorry but we might have to postpone this match. i will give an update asap
Ok, I read this a bit too late :P, but its ok. I can play most times.
okay, so i won't be able to play this one as my laptop died. i'm not sure how long it will take for me to get a new one, so I'm forfeiting this series.
:(, thats a shame. We should play for honour once you get your laptop fixed :P.
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