4979158 vs. tSlayer
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 4.  2.

Status: closed
MatchID 19968961
Date Monday, 06 December 21:00
Calculated Tuesday, 07 December 01:23
firstmap Metalopolis
secondmap Steppes of War
thirdmap Xel Naga Caverns
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Metalopolis 0 : 1
Steppes of War 1 : 0
Xel Naga Caverns 0 : 1
tSlayer wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 06 December 23:35
Round 1 - Metalopolis
101 kB, Monday, 06 December 23:35, by tSlayer
Monday, 06 December 23:35
Round 2 - Steppes of War
164 kB, Monday, 06 December 23:35, by tSlayer
Monday, 06 December 23:35
Round 3 - Xel'Naga Caverns
93 kB, Monday, 06 December 23:35, by tSlayer
02/12/10 11:20

well slayer is doing the best in this tournament so im gonna have a hard time i hope i win:) gl hf
06/12/10 14:32

I don't think there is a big skill difference between me and ourk, or at least I hope not.
Should be exciting games.
comments (3)
Right now I can't log into bnet so maybe its working for you but if i'm not online its because I can't log in (password is fine, just bnet says its down, not sure if its true or just bnet hates me )

edit:1 right now it keeps crashing in the login screen >< trying to sort it out.
edit2: bnet site is down, are servers down?
edit 3: its working now. woop. ur not online assume you have the same problem.
3 edits
yea for some reason my game is playing up im on my bros computer now patching the game so i need just a bit of time:)

yea my game keeps crashing too dunno why whats it like for you?
1 edits
I played a game, i disconnected, when I tried to reconnect it crashed for me but now im online again so i dunno. the disconnect was probably my end though.
it doesn't seem very stable
2 edits
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