1784769 vs. Xephyr
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MatchID 12975243
Date Thursday, 30 April 20:30
Calculated Thursday, 30 April 22:26
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Wales 5 : 7
Ireland 5 : 7
Xephyr wins !
Points 0 : +3
23/04/09 10:56
Nemesis vs Xephyr
This match is going to be extremely hard, but a very important match for me to win. Playing offline also adds an entirely new element into the match, and i hope that i can perform well with the extra pressure. Im desperate for a win here. GL Xeph.
24/04/09 09:59
Pre-match Statement
So it's time for my first high profile offline event, really looking forward to it and I think it'll be a very close match against Nem. I'm disappointed with my lack of training over the Easter Holidays and will definitely be looking for a win at the Intel not on Friday Night Game.

GoGo 4Kings, we win! :D
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lol gogogo intel friday night game :D pressure pressure no crashes allowed or kick
This'll be a close one! :D
pressure pressure pressure :o
should be fun, gl guys
4K win either way, bargain! ^^
Nemesis domination!!!11
This is gonna be cool :)
This match will be featured live on the Intel Friday Night Game show in London on THURSDAY 30th April. ESL TV will also be streaming this match live from 7.15PM UK Time.
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Every crash is a 2% loss of winnings D:
darkY wrote:
Every crash is a 2% loss of winnings D:

I'll end up owing money to ESL if that's the case. :[
Just train more Xeph :P
famous :s
great that trackmania will shown on esl tv @ ifng :> gogogog 4k
Gotta back my fellow Norfolk boy Xeph. Good luck fella. xD
Lolol, so much PRESSURE xeph omgomgomg :DDD
xephyr won 7-4 7-5 or something. anyway, was great seeing some trackmania action. shoutout to bubb as well doing a great job as the sidekick.
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5-7 5-7.. was gg.. dunno wtf happened to me on ireland tho :D.. was doing.. well.. was doing kinda bad on wales but not horrificly.. then ireland it went wrong :p.

bubb did a great job and i hope ESL does more trackmania.. :) A fun day.. although i only just got home ;o
Screenshots ?
it was played at IFNG, i dont think we really need screenshot proof :D. the entire game can be found on ESL TV under the VOD section.
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