HELL vs. 3316887
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 3.  10.

Status: deleted
MatchID 12970948
Date Sunday, 22 March 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 22 March 19:58
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Ztn3tourney1 45 : 6
Pro-Q3tourney4 51 : 9
HELL wins !
Points +3 : 0
22/03/09 07:57

Well it's been sometime since i've played Quake 3 at any level, so this'll be interesting participating in the EPS Season II, hopefully i'll do just fine.
The game should be a good one, good luck to PRIESTLEY.

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gone pRieSTlEy :)
A very good game, and well played to hell, absolutly tore me apart. Just goes to show that experence really gives you an advantage when it comes to quake. And for a new comer like me (started 3 weeks ago :(:( ) we really cant compete with the competion. GL to hell in the eps, and im pretty sure he will tear this season apart. And ill look forward to playing him in the future :)
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