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  Team YoYoTech
  Team Dignitas
13 : 11 (3)
  The Last Resort
16 : 4 (16)
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Pictures of the 2nd Intel Friday Night Game in London
Events of Pro Series Season 2
Ten Squared, London
30th of April, 2009
Ten Squared, London
18th of June, 2009
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4th of July, 2009

Location and Area Map

Ten Squared
City University London
Northampton Square
London EC1V 0HB
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Further Information
Date: 18th of June, 2009

Doors Open : 6:00 pm BST
Beginning: 7:00 pm BST
End: 11:00 pm BST

No Entry Fee
First 100 get 2 free drink tokens!

Agelimit: Over 18s only (ID/Pass needed)
Under 18s only from the guest list -
Contact Joe Fender regarding the guest list
Tonight: Experience eSports live in London
18.06.2009 12:27
The next Intel Friday Night Game in the United Kingdom

Since it's only two days to go till the next Intel Friday Night Game we would like to present the official schedule for the upcoming event in, Central London (Angel). We will have the two official matches live on stage as well as some extras for all the visitors and fans who will join us at the Ten Squared, right next to London City University.

The schedule for Intel Friday Night Game #2

07.00pm Doors Open
07.15pm Start of the Intel Friday Night Game
07.30pm Team Dignitas vs Team Yoyotech
08.15pm Match for visitors
08.45pm The Last Resort vs Team Yoyotech
09.45pm End of the show
10.00pm Chill out: Video rotation of ESL Pro Series UK and IFNG #1

We would like to welcome you on that special night!

Join us now on facebook!
08.06.2009 16:53
Show everyone that you are attending at the Intel Friday Night Game #2

In just a few days our crew will be on their way to the second Intel Friday Night Game in the United Kingdom! Now it's time for you to show us that you will be coming to us at Ten Squared, London. Join the Facebook event and and let your friends know about the event, the matches and of course the free drinks!

Intel Friday Night Game #2 on Facebook!

Intel Friday Night Game #2 at Ten Squared, London
28.05.2009 23:45
Official announcement and your source of information:

We are proud to present the venue for the second Intel Friday Night Game in this season. It will take place on Thursday 18th of June and will be located once again at the Ten Squared based in Angel, Central London. As you might have seen last time Ten Squared is a great venue that is fitting very well to gaming event with a social aspect. We hope you will help us to create a nice gaming experience in London once again and turn the Ten Squared into the home of eSports for this night.

We will keep you up to date with more information about the event on the special Intel Friday Night Game page, with everything about the venue, the program, the show and some specials that are waiting for every visitor!

Intel Friday Night Game - London #2

Gallery: The Intel Friday Night Game #1

ESL TV will be live at the event, providing high quality shout-casting of all the matches. Your hosts for this first Intel Friday Night Game will be none other than James '2861862' Harding, Joe '2861708' Miller and Matt '2621424' Rider. Enjoy the show!