The Matches of Intel Friday Night Game London
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6 : 16 (7)
10 : 14 (19)
2 : 0 (10)
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Events of Pro Series Season 2
Ten Squared, London
30th of April, 2009
To Be Announced
18th of June, 2009
Finals: To Be Announced
4th of July, 2009

Location and Area Map

Ten Squared
City University London
Northampton Square
London EC1V 0HB
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Further Information
Date: 30th of April, 2009

Doors Open : 6:00 pm BST
Beginning: 7:00 pm BST
End: 11:00 pm BST

No Entry Fee
First 100 get 2 free drink tokens!

Agelimit: Over 18s only (ID/Pass needed)
Under 18s only from the guest list -
Contact Joe Fender regarding the guest list
Video on Demand: The Intel Friday Night Game
06.05.2009 16:12
For everyone who missed the event in Ten Squared, London!

Last week we celebrated the very first Intel Friday Night Game in the United Kingdom. If you want to relive the event, or were not able to come, here is your chance now for you to watch all the scenes, actions and emotions from Ten Squared, London. Enjoy our Video on Demand service and see you at our next events!

Video on Demand: The Intel Friday Night Game in London:

4Kings vs. FragMasters TOXIC
Xephyr vs. Nemesis
infused vs. Subtas
ddk vs. GaRpY *coming soon*

Video on Demand: All shows of ESL Pro Series UK

Enjoy the videos and see you at the next events!

Changes in the moderators lineup
30.04.2009 15:45
QuadV|Jay, Sam Matthews and more to cast the event

Due to some unforseen reason we had to change the moderators lineup for the very first Intel Friday Night Game in the United Kingdom. Matt Rider will be joined by some of the most important people in UK-eSports. Jason 'Jay' Attkins of QuadV is your host that evening and will moderate all four matches of this night on ESL TV!

Call of Duty 4 will be brought to you by Mike 'smellymoss' Bembenek and for Trackmania-EPS-player Matt 'bubb' Walker will join Jay to give you the players insight on the game. Last but not least Sam 'zr0' Matthews, Manager of fnatic, will be the co-moderator for Quake 3 later that evening.

The co-moderator for CS:Source will be presented later that evening. Stay tuned!

Meet&Greet: Tell us your opinion on ESL
28.04.2009 19:05
Your opinion is very important to us!

That's why we take some time right before the Intel Friday Night Game to talk to all players of the ESL Pro Series and Amateur Series about the leagues, the rules and everything else that is important to you. Meet us at 6:30pm at Ten Squared and tell us what's on your mind!

If you want to join us and have specific topics to talk about or discuss in a larger group, send an email Joe Fender so we can prepare on that topic and help you in the best possible way.

See you in London!

That's what you can expect in London
27.04.2009 17:28
Get an idea of you is waiting for you this Thursday!

You don't really know what an Intel Friday Night Game is or what it means to gamers all over Europe? Today we want to give you a preview on what the Intel Friday Night Games might become in the United Kingdom. So look forward to visiting the very first Intel Friday Night Game in the United Kingdom!

Intel Friday Night Game - London

See top matches live in cool locations

If you like following the best eSport matches via ingame or TV stream you will love the Intel Friday Night Games! Instead of just seeing the matches you will get the whole show of pre- and post interviews, seeing the players playing their matches and react to the thing happening on the server. Feel the tension and join the crowd pushing the players to meet their limits!

Meet the stars of the ESL Pro Series

Beside their attendance as the stars of the Intel Friday Night Game you have the chance to meet players on the spot and talk about the matches, the running season, the optimal settings and personal stuff of course.

More than just the games

But not only the games are important on that evening. Where gamers and eSport addicts meet you have the chance to meet other ESL users or fans of the teams in person or find new players for your new team. You have a lot of possibilities to socialize in the gamers sphere while watching the matches, enjoy the Free-Gaming-Areas or have a drink at the bar.

Take the chance: Visit the first Intel Friday Night Game

Now it's time for the Intel Friday Night Games to be a part of eSports in the United Kingdom. Be a part of the first event and help us to make the Intel Friday Night Games the same as in other big ESL countries!

Join the first Intel Friday Night Game on Facebook
26.04.2009 18:05
Join us on facebook for the first event this season!

The first ever ESL UK Intel Friday Night Game will commence, ironically, this Thurday 30th April from 7pm UK Time. The event will be hosted at Ten Squared, City University based in the heart of London in Islington. As part of our event promotion, we do not want to only see the hardcore gamers, but the casual and community gamers too! Please feel free to join the facebook event and I hope to see you all at the event, which is only a few days away.

Join Here!