TCM-Gaming vs. FragMasters TOXIC
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 FragMasters TOXIC
Status: closed
MatchID 12970180
Date Thursday, 30 April 19:30
Calculated Thursday, 30 April 20:57
map de_inferno
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6 : 16
FragMasters TOXIC wins !
Points 0 : +3
Thursday, 30 April 20:57
SourceTV Demo
13.6 MB, Thursday, 30 April 20:57, by crtmN

Four Kings

FragMasters TOXIC

FragMasters TOXIC
30/04/09 04:44

Sure to be a great game, cannot wait to play on the stage again and have revenge against 4kings.
Four Kings
24/04/09 22:54
Pre-Match Statement
It's always a tough game when playing FM! Toxic, however will be even tougher for us on this occasion with some of our line-up issues. Nonetheless we'll be looking to take the victory to ensure a big moral boost for LAN79 this weekend. Good luck Toxic, see you in London!
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depends on lineup, but FM to slay cus 4k have lineup changez
This match will be featured live on the Intel Friday Night Game show in London on THURSDAY 30th April. ESL TV will also be streaming this match live from 7.15PM UK Time.
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toll ^^
ip source tv?

GO 4Kings <3
#5 It will be live on the ESL TV free stream:
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