New Games: Quake 3 and Trackmania Nations Forever
Nice Quake and Trackmania action in Season 2

Just a few seconds ago James '2GD' Harding announce the two new games of the ESL Pro Series II in the United Kingdom. As many hoped Quake 3 will join the ESL Pro Series sponsored by Intel in the next season as well as Trackmania Nations Forever.

Games of ESL Pro Series II in the United Kingdom:
Counter-Strike: Source (5on5)
Call of Duty 4 (5on5)
Quake 3 (1on1)
Trackmania Nations Forever (1on1)

So watch out for the upcoming qualification for the next season as well as the upcoming Grand Final matches in Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike: Source!
Soodi, Saturday, 31/01/09 09:40
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Go Quake Go!
Tbh if this was INT event quake would be great choice of game But q3 is just a bad choice for the UK look at the last couple of lans quake had ESWC UK 2008 had 3 sign ups which were Garpy, DDK and some random polish dude that if he won couldnt go anyways lol .

also note that Game frontier hosted the lan even phone garpy up to take part hence he turn up. lol

UT does have a bigger uk commuinty and when it gets lans it at least gets players that can be assed to turn up and play regardless if there sponsored or not

Unless ESL Rethink how this competition is done Q3 NO pros allowed i think would be good u get lots of sign ups plus new intrested in games like quake and ut a huge reason why players dont turn up for 1v1 lans is becasue the huge learning curve that dueling games have

if esl use this format of quake with the pros the next season 3 of EPS will not have a duel game as u will get 8 to 12 people signing up everone will say whats the point

OR use Ut3 ,QL even if it still in beta

yes i have bad grammer and spellin Sry :P
Trackmania FTW :)

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