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    Season I is over, bring on Season II 03.02.2009 14:27    
  The highlights of the ESL Pro Series Season I Finals

This Saturday the first ESL Pro Series Season I Finals for the United Kingdom took place in London. We were busy on Saturday making sure you guys were updated on every aspect on the event; in this news post we will be giving you some of our highlights of the finals.

The event went into full swing at 9am when the eight Pro Series teams had their team meeting with the tournament admins. The meeting was to go over all of the rules and the protocols for the finals.

The matches were great to watch live, in front of the professional ESL Pro Series stage area. The treat watching the matches live at the Congress Centre is that you can see every aspect of the player’s expressions, they cannot hide anything!

Call of Duty 4:
1st: Team Dignitas (£5,000)
2nd: team-infused (£2,000)
3rd: Reason Gaming (£1,000)
4th: The Imperial.lime (£400)
Counter-Strike: Source:
1st: Four Kings (£5,000)
2nd: FragMasters TOXIC (£2,000)
3rd: Veritas Gaming (£1,000)
4th: noREPLY (£400)

One of the big announcements on Saturday was the introduction of Season II and its games. James '2GD' Harding announce the two new games of the ESL Pro Series II in the United Kingdom. As many hoped Quake 3 will join the ESL Pro Series sponsored by Intel in the next season as well as Trackmania Nations Forever.

ESL Pro Series II games in the United Kingdom:

Counter-Strike: Source (5on5)
Call of Duty 4 (5on5)
Quake 3 (1on1)
Trackmania Nations Forever (1on1)

We have three simple ways to qualify for the Quake 3 and Trackmania Pro Series.

The Amateur Series which will go live soon.
Two special cups we will run.

The top four from each of the above will secure their place within the ESL Pro Series Season II.

Make sure you check out our Events Page for features such as our event gallery, my blog, results and more.

    Season 2 will be announced at the finals this Saturday 29.01.2009 17:26    
  All the information you will need on Season 2!

This Saturday the finals of the £30,000 first season of the ESL Pro Series in the UK takes place in London, featuring the best Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4 teams in the United Kingdom.

But something will be changed for Season 2. New games will be added to the line-up, but the big question is: Which games will it be? You'll have to wait to find out! One duel shooter and one racing simulator game will be announced live on ESL TV during the finals, so don't miss the show!

Do you think you know which two new games will be joining Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4 in Season 2? Leave a comment on here before ESL TV announce the games on Saturday and you will win a Premium Key on the house!

    The choice is yours: Who is the MVP? 27.01.2009 19:43    
  Vote for your Most Valuable Player for this season!

The ESL UK Pro Series Season 1 has been a spectacular opening season for both Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike: Source. This would not have been possible without the highly professional United Kingdom teams who have challenged each other for the title over the last 3 months. This has been the first Pro Series season for the UK and we feel that we have seen some truly epic matches and performances from the players.

This is now your chance to vote for the Most Valuable Player this season in Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike Source. Our League Partner Cadred have nominated four players in both games to vote for. Make sure you have a think about who really made a difference this season, and submit your vote.

The winning player for CS:S and CoD4 will win a Intel i7 920 CPU at the finals, so make your vote count!

ESL Pro Series S1 MVP nominees
Call of Duty 4

1852546 - Reason Gaming
2915307 - Reason Gaming
1817562 - Team Dignitas
2974400 - team-infused

Vote Here
Counter-Strike: Source

918683 - FragMasters TOXIC
2627413 - FragMasters TOXIC
1826196 - Four Kings
1387593 - Veritas Gaming

Vote Here
Votes close on 30/01/09


    Your chance to win an Intel i7 920 CPU 14.01.2009 18:17    
  A chance to win an Intel i7 920 CPU!

Intel have kindly provided us with an Intel i7 920 CPU to give away to one lucky person here. Some would say that you need to do something quite rigorous to be eligible to win the CPU, but not here it is very simple and so easy.

All you need to do to win the Intel i7 920 processor is to be the person who can take a photograph or a short youtube video of the ESL Pro Series UK finals poster in the most interesting pose/location/situation you can possibly find. Be it on top of mount everest or held by a famous celebrity, get snapping!

What to do..

Deadline is Monday 26th.
Send your entry to [email protected]
You need to be 15 or above.
To be at the finals to collect the prize live on stage.

Click to download


   General Information  
  Games: ,
Dates: January 31st, 2009
Location: London, Congress C.
Prizemoney: £30,000

Counter-Strike: Source
1st Place: £5,000
      Four Kings
2nd Place: £2,000
      FragMasters TOXIC
3rd Place: £1,000
      Veritas Gaming
4th Place: £400
      Vitriolic Gaming

Call of Duty 4
1st Place: £5,000
      Team Dignitas
2nd Place: £2,000
3rd Place: £1,000
      Reason Gaming
4th Place: £400
      zeroPoint Gaming



   Venue information  

Congress Centre London
28 Great Russell Street
London, UK

Furter information

Visitors pass: £2.00
(Free entry with a event flyer)