PokerTH Super Sunday Cup
First ever PokerTH Super Sunday cup this weekend. ESL is arranging this tournament for PokerTH players to come and compete against other UK players. The first round will kick off at 7.00pm this Sunday.


We have also opened a 1on1 Heads Up Ladder, you can sign up here!


We giving away Premium and ESL TV for the winners!

1st. 3 month Premium + 1 month ESL TV
2nd. 2 month Premium + 2 weeks ESL TV
3rd. 1 month Premium + 1 week ESL TV
4th. 1 month Premium

Find out more about ESL Premium and ESL TV.

Cup details

- Download PokerTH here
- 1on1 Heads Up
- 32 players
- Double elimination
- Table settings
- Starts 7pm Sunday
- Cup is finished in one night!
- Be in on Quakenet IRC!

How to sign up

You need to register on the ESL.

Important! If you have ever registered before and you have forgotten your details, do not make a new account, write a support ticket.

Sign Up Now!
TheRogue, Wednesday, 22/07/09 07:07
Players signed up so far
comments (11)
Ahhh i'm liking this, can't wait :D

By the way the start registration time isn't there so it isn't letting me register.
Sign up enabled :)
looks fun :D
I will win :)
I bet you don't.
he will win, I mean everyone who raises on the hands he does deserves to win xx
well i have no idea how to play poker, but il look it up and play anyway =P
Clinton haha you are waaaaay to conservative with your chips lol
so hows this being organised??

we just go onto irc and get given a certain table??
partier it works doesn't it ^-^
when do we get the prizes? :D
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