TheRogue vs. vtK_________x_x
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MatchID 15651658
Date Thursday, 08/10/09 14:00
Calculated 08/10/09 11:15
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0 : 2
vtK_________x_x wins !
Points 0 : +3
08/10/09 11:02
uploaded with ESL Wire 20091008_160139.jpg*
280 kB, 08/10/09 11:02, by vtK_________x_x
08/10/09 11:15
uploaded with ESL Wire 20091008_161424.jpg*
290 kB, 08/10/09 11:15, by vtK_________x_x
* No longer available
comments (6)
There is a chance I may not be here at 7pm, so please let me know as soon as you come online to play and we can play early
it's best of three
ugh, was getting tired at the end and just did stupid stuff, gg
i still dont understand this game :D
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