ESL Pro Series in the United Kingdom
We proudly announce the first ESL Pro Series in the United Kingdom! 30,000 pounds of prize money is available for the best UK teams to win. The biggest games in the UK, Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4, will be the disciplines of the first ESL Pro Series powered by Intel as the main sponsor. 12 teams per discipline will be able to take part in the first ESL Pro Series season in the United Kingdom.

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ESL Pro Series brings the UK to a new eSports level!

With its own ESL Pro Series, eSports in the United Kingdom will be brought to the next level. The best teams in Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4 will compete against each other for an unbelievable 30,000 pounds of prize money! Who will win the first title in the ESL Pro Series? The cream of the crop will compete in this league and show their skills to fans in the UK and all over Europe. A thrilling online season and an offline finals will bring the UK to a new eSports level. Are you ready for the hottest eSports action ever in the United Kingdom!

Detailed Prize Money Distribution:

  Counter-Strike:Source Call of Duty 4
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1st: £5,000 £5,000
2nd: £2,000 £2,000
3rd: £1,000 £1,000
4th: £400 £400
Bonus per Win: £100 £100
Overall: £15,000 £15,000

The structure of ESL Pro Series UK

Overall 12 teams will compete in each discipline of the ESL Pro Series. Beforehand, three qualification cups with 32 participants each will be held. The best four teams from each cup will qualify for this first season of the ESL Pro Series. After 11 play weeks the best four teams will have earned their spot for the offline finals.

Intel, the world leader in silicon innovation, develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live.

We want to thank Intel as the Main Sponsor of the ESL Pro Series United Kingdom!
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Anarchy in the UK! No, EPS :) !!
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Why is there not a EU EPS for all countrys, it would be the best League in EU and one of the most popular.
There is major series and Intel extreme masters for that, just keep on playing in the ESL, and your country could be next in line !
yeah why only UK? this is bullshit rofl..
cs:s? pffffffffft
@#4 Maybe you should have a look at ESL benelux, there is a EPS there for a long time now, and also many other countries

@#5 start playing cs on esl and who knows what could happen in future seasons
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Protests and support tickets coming to UK, yey.
#7 Love u :)
why did i just join tek9 :<
great news :P
in spain, 700€ for the winner of pro series... wtf ESL...
DOMINANT!!! <33333 ESL
ReJeCteD ReJeCt :)
ehh weird stuff, oh well
let's go uk, show us a nice and exciting pro series! :)
sweet :)
#1 *

Nice job
Put WarRock on!!!!!
#13, prize money comes from sponsors, in this case intel uk
haha #9
u lows!
wtf why not cs 1.6 ...
Wow, shocked this has happened to the UK, I mean we ain't had the best of leagues, the EURO leagues were our only option really.

Anyway, anyone recruiting? MED+ player? I need a team.
anyone recruiting a player of Counter Strike Source? I need a team ;) contact me on that address: thanks
like how loads of ppl change flag to UK now haha
#32 ROFL :)))))

On topic, very nice! Have Fun!
amazing. this is 1000000 times better than stupid cbs eurocup
#32 u change u flag aswell ;)
Gimme the starting time?
go go go
when will esl do smt in turkey?
#35 - He's English?!?!?! I think he has that right to do so!
dod 1.3 need
Only 15 Teams signed up so far :Z
really great more EPS to COD4, now we only want it up in scandinavia =)
Agreed with deffan!
idd, nice job
when do we find out the maps?? EDIT: bo3 :D
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Hmm they are wasting a good amount of money in cod4, 19/32 teams so far for the first qualifier.
Enough good players are clanless to get something started and enter. It's not guaranteed that anything is won or anyone has qualified and either way, it's actually a challenge and against some decent competition. Soemthing to play for too ;)

/searching team!!!
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viva españa!!!!!!!!
omg why source and not 1.6. 1.6 better than source
forza italia NooB doWn Gl & Hf
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