ESL to host six FIFA Interactive World Cup national qualifiers
We’re pleased to announce that ESL and FIFA will be joining forces for the FIFA Interactive World Cup! The annual tournament, which looks to find the world’s best FIFA player, will see six national online qualifiers hosted by ESL, where the 2015 iteration - FIFA 15 - will be played on the PlayStation 4 throughout. Players from Germany, France and the United Kingdom will be fighting to earn a spot for the national finals, which will see the top four from the first and the top three from the second online qualifiers determining the best player from each of these countries.

Save these dates for the FIWC Online Qualifiers

14th of February: Online Qualifier #1 (UK)
21st of February: Online Qualifier #2 (UK)

The FIWC online qualifiers portal

The top seven players from each country will meet for an offline final event each, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Earn a spot among the best in FIFA 15!

Each national champion will get the chance to travel to the tournament and meet up with the world’s best FIFA 15 players, with champions having been crowned in a number of key locations in football history including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles, London, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro.

In 2015, Munich will the honor of hosting this event as Germany is the reigning FIFA World Champion, with contenders receiving an experience that promises to be a football fan’s dream.

Like the previous winners before them, the champion of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 will have an outstanding night at the FIFA Ballon d'Or, meeting with top players and coaches from around the globe to celebrate the year’s cream of the crop. Additionally, the winner will also take home a US$20,000 prize check, with the second and third place players earning US$5,000 and US$1,000 respectively.

Do you have what it takes to win the title? Sign up to the online qualifiers now and demonstrate your skill!
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