New Format & ESL Anti-Cheat
Important Information about the new World of Tanks Format for 7on7 and ESL Anti-Cheat. In light of the new format, the minimum number or UK or Ireland players needed has also been reduced.

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7on7 - New Format

General Information:
  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 5 (2 Attack - 2 Defend) (1 Play-Off if Drawn after 4)
  • 7on7 (Team) : Min. 7/ Team members
  • Team : Minimum 4 UK or/and Ireland Players Fielded
  • Timelimit : 7 minutes
  • Tierlimit : max. Tier 8
  • Pointlimit : 54 Points

    Map Pool - Attack/Defend
    Steppes, Prokhorovka, Himmelsdorf, Cliff, Ruinberg, Murovanka


ESL Wire: Anti-Cheat comes to UK Section

General Information:

    ESL Wire is our own anti-cheat that can only be used with ESL matches! You will have to launch the game through ESL Wire in order to play in an ESL competition. It also has an integrated messenger feature, so you can talk with your opponents directly on ESL Wire!
  • To be used in every UK Competition.
  • Failure to use ESL wire by any team member will result in disqualification.
  • Banned Mods include: Warpack or other variations, auto-aimbot mod, fallen trees or destroyed structures on mini-map mod and anything that removes or alters bushes and trees.

We here at UK WoT ESL recommend that you play UK ESL with a clean client with no mods at all. Though some mods such as extended zoom out are currently allowed.


Feedback for UK World of Tanks

We at United Kingdom World of Tanks want the section to grow and thrive, but we can't do that alone. Please, if you have any suggestions or ideas, no matter how small or big. Let us know about them. Submit a support ticket to let us know about your idea, and visit the UK WoT Forum to discuss your idea.

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We wish you good luck and have fun playing in the ESL.

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Akoo, Thursday, 06/11/14 12:56
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