UK & Ireland November Cups!
UK World of Tanks ESL Section has arrived. After a successful first month in October which saw great turnouts and lots of gold prizes won, we enter November.

We have a huge 400k Gold in prizes this November!!

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United Kingdom WoT - November Cups!

05.11.2014. - 21:30 - 1on1 Late Night Cup #2 - 25k Gold
08.11.2014. - 19:00 - 3on3 Cup #3 - 75k Gold
15.11.2014. - 19:00 - 7on7 Cup #3 - 100k Gold
19.11.2014. - 21:00 - 1on1 Late Night Cup #3 - 25k Gold
22.11.2014. - 19:00 - 3on3 Cup #4 - 75k Gold

October Hall of Fame!! Top 3 Gold Earners!!


I have been enjoying ESL for over a year now, them finally introducing a UK WoT section was really exciting, this first month has been not only great fun but also good practice for the upcoming 7on7 Season.

I placed 1st in the 1on1 and then with my teams Team Silverback and Team Goldenback won the 3on3 Cup #2 and 7on7 Cup #2 respectively, thanks to a great effort from my team mates. There were some quite tense moments in the games. I especially recall the 3on3 final vs Snowman Team, after drawing Siegfried Line very narrowly we went onto Malinovka for the decider, after the initial passive game both teams played very aggressively and luckily we came out on top, although it was very close.

I would like to thank the British ESL Admin team for making this month run smoothly and hope it will continue to improve with the UK ESL community.

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We at United Kingdom World of Tanks want the section to grow and thrive, but we can't do that alone. Please, if you have any suggestions or ideas, no matter how small or big. Let us know about them. Submit a support ticket to let us know about your idea, and visit the UK WoT Forum to discuss your idea.

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We wish you good luck and have fun playing in the ESL.

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Akoo, Tuesday, 28/10/14 07:13
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7on7 Cup #4 Will be created closer to the date.

7on7 Format Change!! UK Will adopt the new format from 06.11.14, more information can be found ->

7on7 Now only requires 4 UK and/or Ireland members minimum

3on3 Draw Play-Off will now be on Himmelsdorf - Attack/Defend
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