Banned by Wire Anti-Cheat ??

This is a summary of facts which shall help cheaters caught by Wire Anti-Cheat to avoid frequent errors and wrong assumptions connected to the barrage, such as insisting on excuses or other destructive behaviour that may endanger the possibility of a rehabilitation.

  • If Wire Anti-Cheat discovered a cheat, then it does not matter whether you have always uploaded your replay or not.

  • Since Wire Anti-Cheat has already proven that you used a cheat, you do not need to tell us that there wasn't one.

  • If Wire Anti-Cheat discovered a cheat the so-called clean replays are uninteresting. The other way around an apparently "clean" Matchlog or Linesman file says nothing about the decision of the AC team. Both AC-measures complement each other, but the decisions are separately obligatory.

  • That is why we don't want your replays, we will not look at the replays anyway, because the thing is already clear by the proof of Wire Anti-Cheat.

  • That your Wire Anti-Cheat files apparently were "always clean" does not prove anything. Mostly they don't have anything to do with your barrage. Think about it, it would be stupid. Then a cheater could have a look into the file right after the match and just don't upload it when he was caught and he would then escape without a barrage?

  • It does not matter whether your opponent hasn't opened a protest in the match, if you've been losing every match or think you are so bad that you could never have cheated.

  • We are not interested at all in whether you are only a "Manager", played only once as replacement or drag along many people who can swear that you didn't cheat. With Wire Anti-Cheat we already have the counterevidence, remember?

  • No, we won't tell you with which cheat you have been caught. You used it yourself, we assume that you know what you use on your computer. If you look for an answer to the question which one of possibly a lot of cheats led to the barrage you won't get an answer with certainty. We won't give you hints that help you to see which cheats are detected and which possibly aren't.

  • No, we won't give you the logs that show how exactly Wire Anti-Cheat detected your cheat. And no, you really don't have the right to see this. We will not reveal how our cheat detections work to give you the possibility to bypass Wire anti-cheat easier.

  • Against many urban legends we do not anticipate that the cheat started itself or that maybe the opponent started a trojan horse on your PC.

  • Yes, we are pretty sure that it was a cheat. With certainty it wasn't only a wrong config or a virus on your PC that doesn't have anything to do with a cheat. That's why it does not make any sense to give you the name of the .exe-file because you can rename it however you want, our cheat detections are not dependent on file names.

  • It can happen that somebody gets barred although he was not at home / did not play / whatever in the last weeks. This does not mean that there was a mistake or a confusion but it means that the cheat was detected just now during a new check of the old records. Of course we are very sorry, we understand completely that it can't be possible that a cheater will be barred after such a long time, in the future we will work much faster.

  • No, the barrage is not a basis for discussions in the case that you claim that you started the cheat but didn't enable it.

  • According to the rules the start of a cheat together with Wire Anti-Cheat is a sufficient reason for a barrage. Even if you only used an old matchlink to test a cheat. That is why we don't care if you ask us if we can prove that you used the cheat during the whole match.

  • Please don't get abusive only because it does not work that your barrage will be removed when you lie to us long enough. We already have the proof with Wire Anti-Cheat that the cheat was there, you don't need to tell us anything more about it.