Sign-up for the ESL UK CoD4 Pro Series Qualifiers
Today we proudly present the sign-up for the qualifiers for the ESL UK Pro Series. Europe's most prestigious national eSports competition is finally coming to the UK. The games selected for the inaugural season are CS:Source and Call of Duty 4. The total prize purse is £30,000 which is distributed equally between the 2 games.

How can I apply for the ESL UK CoD4 Pro Series?

3 one-day qualifiers will be held on Sunday the 14th, Wednesday the 17th and Sunday the 21st of September 2008 to determine the 12 participants of the inaugural ESL UK Pro Series. All you need to do is to use the sign-up form, which you can find here. The tournament tree will be created and released as soon as the quota of 32 teams is reached.

Signup Requirements:
all players need their realname added, and visible
Players have to be over the age of 15
Players need a picture of themselves on their profile
Players need to have place of residency entered.
Teams need a team logo relevant to their team's name
Teams and players need contact info in form of an IRC channel or have an MSN entered
PB GUID needs to be entered for every player (Guide)
60% (3 players) of the starting lineup need to be a UK or Republic of Ireland resident.

> > Sign up now! < <

Date: Begins end of September
Prize Money: £15,000
Participants: 12 Call of Duty 4 teams
Official UK EPS Website
Qualifier Layout: 3 single elimination one-day cups, Best-of-3 maps
IRC Channel: on QuakeNet
Apply for the : Qualifier #1 (Sunday the 14th)
sputnik, Friday, 29/08/08 11:35
Getting started guide
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Fantastic no german teams
where can i see what other teams have signed up?
accepted team signups can be found" target="_blank">here
N/C to germany :D
european teams go and recruit UK players.!!!
pfft. A team would be nice. Wink Wink ;)
man our tag owns all =D
any team in need of a good player, drop me a pm :o
im gna put a picture of my toe on my profile, its still me
only 3 out of 5 need to be UK so think more teams can enter this and should. Great for COD4 to have EPS in more countries
#12 try and say that to Uk customs and see if it works , dont call me from jail dow. :)
So the ESL UK CoD4 Pro Series is finally coming to the uk... where was it before? Pakistan?

Seriously only reason Germans dont have one is the USK.
When are the fixtures announced for each of the 3 qualifying dates and where will they be posted?
Just 19 teams what a shame
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there is only 19 teams cos esl haven't reached out to the whole uk community.
I said before. There are plenty of players out there to get a team sorted. You have nothing to lose. Nothing is set in stone for a winner, or even qualifiers.
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