Rasta.Brink vs. Veritas-Gaming Brink
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 Veritas-Gaming Brink
Status: closed
MatchID 22807585
Date Monday, 30 May 22:00
Calculated Sunday, 12 June 18:18
Round Grand Final
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0 : 1 Mapelimination
Veritas-Gaming Brink wins !


Veritas-Gaming Brink

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30/05/11 15:48  #1
Bets on... Will Veritas win the cointoss ? 100-1
30/05/11 15:49  #2

30/05/11 16:02  #3
mR Admun plz mek tha cointuss
30/05/11 16:06  #4
In the qualifiers for UK do we have to play 2 maps to win from lower bracket ? or best of 1 still ?
30/05/11 16:16  #5
 •̪̀●́ cH40z-Lord
ESL Admin Team
The LEFT team won the cointoss
30/05/11 16:17  #6
cH40z you sure you havent got a double sided coin?
30/05/11 18:11  #7
Drew first map, finishing overtime on 3rd of June 8pm bst
30/05/11 18:13  #8
Good Game so far guys, thanks for agree'ing to reschedule the Over Time.

See you guys on Friday to finish it off. Ciao Lads.
30/05/11 18:18  #9
Sounds like i missed some fun =)
03/06/11 06:40  #10
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03/06/11 09:20  #11
triggY69 wrote:
I bet on Veritas, hi hi

03/06/11 14:15  #12
triggY69 wrote:
I bet on Veritas, hi hi

06/06/11 05:54  #13
Veritas, please refrain from allowing your players and friends from posting insulting links on matchlinks. Your team has already shown a deep lack of respect including multiple insults during the last game which we chose to ignore given the close nature of the game causing tempers to fray. Your team leader also personally apologised for the insults via IRC after game, so to against these apologies and carry on insulting blackmane days after the event shows just how childish your team is acting. If you choose to carry on down this road I will not hesitate to contact one of the admins.

I would just like to remind you that, despite you refusing to allow us to reschedule the game in the first place, we did allow you to play the OT on a completly different day which i'm pretty sure is not a usual tradition in the ESL so atleast show our team a little of the good will we showed you. ESL is not the place for this.
06/06/11 07:25  #14

We are NOT responsible for the behaviour of individuals outside the scope of our teamsheet. It is wholly unreasonable for you to expect us to exercise any control over what other members of ESL post on this website. Funny that you would find the link insulting though, it's 2 years old, and I'm sure Blackmane has learned to laugh at that by now?

Also, if you are intent on a smear campaign against this team, I will happily provide the entire chatlog of the previous game, where your own Blackmane BEGAN the insults by calling Gerrah a spastic (ok, an accurate insult but an insult nonetheless), and where YOU flew into a tirade of rage following back and forth from both teams. Something we received no apology for, despite an equal amount of your team having no semblence of innocence during the matter. If a lack of respect is your main concern, then refusing to acknowledge your own teams part in the proceedings was an excellent demonstration of that.

And to set the record straight, we never refused an initial reschedule - we simply didn't commit to a response until an admin had spoken on whether it was BO1 or not - which wouldn't have required a reschedule (evident as part of the pre-match chat). If you wish to interpret that as a REFUSAL, then feel free to skew your inference of the scenario as much as you'd wish. Nevertheless, you'd be wrong. We "helped" your team once, and at that point we weren't averse to helping you again.

Please note we were more than forthcoming when it came to giving you time in the upper bracket final to sort out the connection problem of one of your players; something that you acknowledge yourself on your own website but are disappointingly quick to forget here.

My advice to you is to let Millen do the talking for your team from now on - as he seems to have his head screwed on tightly without having the contents warped. And if anybody (especially from outside of my team) says anything provocative, baiting or inflammatory - that you do the grown up thing, rise above it and ignore it.

You're right, ESL isn't the place for this. If you have any problem with my team, you speak to one of my team via a private message. You don't rant contrived fallacies on the match page.

Happy to set the record straight. Much love. Here's a happier link to put a smile on your face. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FavUpD_IjVY

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06/06/11 16:15  #15
Operator: '911, whats your emergeny'
Ezekiel: 'Help i need the fire brigade'
Operator: 'What seems to be the problem sir'
Ezekiel: 'We need a fire engine out here asap, some nerd just got burnt'

06/06/11 16:20  #16
What an awful song...
06/06/11 16:21  #17
Mate Sean Kingston going keen, don't be dissin'
09/06/11 09:05  #18
good song Eze, but this one is better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFIFmOoGrqA

gl to both team
09/06/11 13:38  #19
Score, gotta love a bit of glee =)
11/06/11 11:02  #20
The groups stages are getting closer and we need to set a match date. Please contact me.

Are you available Sunday night? 12th June 2011
11/06/11 16:15  #21
Can't be sure, i can't definately say yes or no untill tomorrow so if we have 5 on ill pm you if not ill try and figure out our next available date.
12/06/11 11:30  #22
Giving veritas the default win, cus we can't find time to play this match and ESL admins are never contactable in times of need. Oh well, the part of the game that was actually played was fun, GG's.
12/06/11 12:19  #23
Yeh admins are like rocking horse shit when needed, shame it ended this way. Good luck in groups nevertheless
12/06/11 13:39  #24
Shame indeed, hopefully meet in the tourney ;)
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