Res!st vs. Imperial Residents
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 37.  47.

 Imperial Residents
Status: closed
MatchID 17226356
Date Sunday, 21 February 19:30
Calculated Monday, 22 February 01:49
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3 : 0
Res!st wins ! (Default Win)
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Sunday, 21 February 20:08
247 kB, Sunday, 21 February 20:08, by 3466349 (res!st)
* No longer available
comments (18)
Can we play 26.02(friday) at 18 CET?
hi... Sry friday si to early... we suggest sunday 19:30 (default date and dime).
sunday is very bad(
mb wednesday?
sunday is last play day of 4th round ... so we ride in sunday... witch server? resist server is able to cw.
Sunday is not last playday of 4th round. Last playday is saturday 28th ...
What about wednesday?
Guys sorry but we are working during a week, we can only go on Sunday as is set, 19:30, we can offer our server. it is res!st STML. Hope to see you there
server is lock in cze pass: "zelenac"
Why did not you come??? i really do not understand. Thanks for the points anyways...
oO what the f..k

we can play at any other day.
say when and will play..
Sorry for Xlobuz is too surprised.
But in the case you don't know, we have a state holiday at 23rd of February, so in sum we have a row of four non-working days since Saturday the 20th. In these days we cannot play. We can play in any other day after 23rd as you wish. Thank you.
Haha lol why pp for Res!st? O_O
помнится мне как на OUT хлбуз ни в какую ни шёл на уступки,
а сейчас в шоке когда ему не пошли на встречу
Are you serious???? That has to be a joke, IR were the one who did not show up! We uploaded a screen proving that. Please re-check it or otherwise we quit STML
Tolik ты еще вспомни что 5 лет назат было)
даладн тебе, люди не меняются.
PP removed.
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At least it is a fair play game, thanks admins
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