connect vs. Kerplunk
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Status: closed
MatchID 10997450
Date Friday, 03 October 19:00
Calculated Friday, 03 October 20:03
map ESL-Hockolicious
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7 : 0
connect wins !
comments (16)
gl hf)
conect u have skype?
if yes say account name ;]
i want to post pone the match on sunday 15-00 >_<?
do you agree?
Ты хочешь перенести? Переносы в правилах разрешены только на 24 часа.
sorre for flood connect i can race tomorow :)
Ok, cool. I just found out we have a match. Have fun and let the best one win.

priuks prauks
glhf boath players
Connect you have server?>
no, do you?
i got server but on 19-40
to join server jusp press on link
tmtp://#join=ussr-tarena (link dont work in opera browser)
u agree to play at 19-40 on my server?
Can't we play right away? 18.40? I don't want to wait any longer really...

and what's the pw? can't connect...
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no now my mates play their games and parol will be "parol"
Come to crayz esl . PW is playfun

You can find the serv when you write ESL to search..Written in green.
gg, gl in next matches ;]
Was a nice play, Gl in next matches also :)
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