Real Family  League of Legends  id:  8825594
Name Permission Member since Gameaccounts
Fighter 1581 days
Crossfire Nickname (EU): natarioo  (25.07.15)
LoL Summoner Name (EU-West): Barriguitas  (12.03.12)
Special Forces 2 Codename: bNatario  (06.03.14)
 Ftw Shadow Pe
Fighter 1558 days
Fighter 1588 days
Crossfire Nickname (EU): JrPeyroteo99  (26.07.15)
Fighter 1588 days
Crossfire Nickname (EU): iTz_Life  (17.11.12)
Special Forces 2 Codename: J0ttha  (08.03.14)
Leader 1635 days
LoL Summoner Name (EU-West): Beckyy G  (16.02.19)
Fighter 1635 days
Crossfire Nickname (EU): ExoTycZ  (24.07.15)
Special Forces 2 Codename: SmlRe  (08.03.14)
 The Don Makaveli
Fighter 1572 days
Fighter 1574 days

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