JHNI  id: 7867479
CPU Intel core i5 2500k
Videocard Geforce GTX 770
Soundcard No freakin' idea
Storage 120GB SSD + 3TB HDD
Motherboard Asrock z77 extreme4
Display 23"
OS Windows 7
Antivirus Avast
CD/DVD ... I download DVD's.
Mouse Black
Mouse Skatez Skating mouse?
Mousepad None
Keyboard The one with the full alfabeth, and numbers.
Headphones Just 1
Connection Internet
Wheel/Pedals It's a computer.. Not a car. Get lost.
TV In the living room
Console(s) PC
Mobile Phone 06... Hihi keep dreaming.
Drink Beer
Food Pizza salami
Movie Multiple
Music Hardstyle
Song Multiple
Book None
Book author None
Person Mama
Actor / Actress Brad Pitt
Car One with wheels and an engine
Sport Soccer
Athlete Anna Kournikova ^^
Map Arti
Clan NetherlandWR
Player Multiple
Game Hero Superman
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Trolls
Genre Action
Console PC
My best friend got mad at me because he caught me sniffing his sisters panties. It didn't help that they were still on her. Or that all of his family was there too. It really made the rest of her funeral really awkward.