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Time, in the year 2002 opening the way science and technology this fan sacred door. Increasingly mechanized wheel technology to promote the era of rolling forward. Technological development of mankind can not reach Yang and height. (In front of all the things for the future appear to pave the way, a bit chaotic. Start the body now. Less good points in front of the word chapter, forgive me.)

Ancient China, Yanjing, October.

Rain, rain in October. It was cold and cold cold. Elephant and a lover parting scene, cold heart, cold heart, but also a little bit sour. Xixi cold rain dripping spilled in the streets, alleys, squares and so on ...... by the stone-paved black asphalt mix concrete floor, splashes a blossoming spray. Roadside orange evening light irradiation, the spray reflects the dazzling Lengmang.

It is a gray clouded sky. Variegated sky without a trace.

Wide cement road. Yes; the surging crowd, Hustle vehicles, flashing lights. Is surrounded by high-rise buildings stand. All alone in the Rain Shadow Chuo Hanyu cold wind.

Gray buildings on that broad middle ground of asphalt, a black Mercedes SL550 newest, breaking the balance of the original noisy situation, galloped row. As a bird calm waters fall, startled blossoming spray, Dangqi circle ripple. Black Mercedes splashes of rain fell on the pedestrian's body, from time to time came several scream or curse. By cattle more than anything ...... not have a four wheel thing? What is amazing, it is not and I two wheels the same? They are used manned. Do not nag Xiao Zhang hey, this is not popular people dead, that one day you also mixed open out yo, man also followed scenery you back. Whispers echoed in the air. Rain splashes the moment, the car has disappeared in the cold dark rainy night, the ghost as black.

Car, speed, 120 yards.

Karma Karma ...... wheels and the ground came a close kiss, draw a long thick black township line. By the dynamic and static, giving a great sense of contrast on the senses, feeling very sick. Black Mercedes parked in the Starlight bar workshop location, surrounded by luxury cars gathered, black BMW, Ferrari red, white Honda ...... like a desert big show.
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