Team vs. Micronae Supremacy A Team
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 Micronae Supremacy A Team
Status: closed
MatchID 21726895
Date Monday, 23/05/11 15:00
Calculated 26/06/11 14:04
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Team
    ( Lack of respons in protest )

1 Minor Penalty  for  Micronae Supremacy A Team
    ( Lack of respons in protest )

Result Media
1on1:  Shattered Temple, <tba><tba>
SC2R.slrkrpaktdmf : Blesser
1on1:  Scrap Station, <tba><tba>
SC2R.Rosenkill : Divinesia
1on1:  Shakuras Plateau, <tba><tba>
Serups : Core
1on1:  Testbug, <tba><tba>
SC2R.xDkFaT : Ike
2on2:  Tarsonic Assault, <tba><tba>
tranceman, TraNcEAnD : Divinesia, suprMishakal
draw (Default Win)
TSR 0 : 0 supr
Points 0 : 0
24/05/11 13:35
Round 1 - SupR - Divinesia*
177 kB, 24/05/11 13:35, by Divinesia (supr)
24/05/11 13:35
Round 1 - SupR - Divinesia*
149 kB, 24/05/11 13:35, by Divinesia (supr)
24/05/11 13:35
SC2R.Rosenkill vs. Divinesia Game2*
87 kB, 24/05/11 13:35, by Divinesia (supr)
23/05/11 16:16
SC2R.xDkFaT vs. Ike Game1*
31 kB, 23/05/11 16:16, by 5340309 (supr)
23/05/11 16:17
SC2R.xDkFaT vs. Ike Game2*
46 kB, 23/05/11 16:17, by 5340309 (supr)
23/05/11 16:18
SC2R.xDkFaT vs. Ike Game3*
45 kB, 23/05/11 16:18, by 5340309 (supr)
24/05/11 04:46
Serups vs. Core Game1*
178 kB, 24/05/11 04:46, by 2762899 (TSR)
24/05/11 04:46
Serups vs. Core Game2*
80 kB, 24/05/11 04:46, by 2762899 (TSR)
23/05/11 16:06
tranceman/TraNcEAnD vs. Divinesia/suprMishakal Game1*
34 kB, 23/05/11 16:06, by 5264154 (TSR)
23/05/11 16:07
tranceman/TraNcEAnD vs. Divinesia/suprMishakal Game2*
30 kB, 23/05/11 16:07, by 5264154 (TSR)
* No longer available


Score so far 24.5.2011
What I know atm from cw:
Divinesia 2-1 Rosenkill (replays will be uploaded tonight)
2-2 SupR 0-2 Sc2R
Ike ?-? xdkfat (2-1 for someone can`t tell who atm)

Other two players from sc2r didn`t show up for first hour so I let my players to go sleep. Waiting for word from sc2r-leader what to do with those 2 games left.
We need to get all 5 points tonight! Unless all hope of a top3 placement is gone. So we are gonna fight like never before..! GG / HF - And may the best team win!
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Let's meet in sc2rVSmicro @
Hello guys. I will be working tonight and will be home at 22:40. If you are okay with that I suggest we play it when I get home. Otherwise we can wildcard the match for another day.

Best regards
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We also need to postpone another match. xDkFat can be online and ready to play at 22:00.. If its not possible. We will use a wildcard.
I´m waiting someone to talk to in channel. It`s ok to divide whole cw during this week, at least for me. I`ll ask more from guys.
Hello Core. I can't make it for 20:00 tonight. What do you say about 21:30? I will hurry as much as I can, so it might be earlier, but 21:30 I can manage for sure.
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xDkFaT-Ike 1-2
Serups 2-0 Core
Score is tight 2-2 but I hope Onvas opponent will get contact soon to Onva. We`ve been flexible but don`t want to wait forever this cw to end. :(
Lets make Slrkrpaktdmf vs Blesser happen?
Well they have eachother id so I`ll tell onva to play it when they both are online at the same time.

Grownup men should know to play without babysitting... :D
That is true :)
Both players seem to have problems to face eachothers. Mby it`s relationship thingy...
Yeap, tell me about it. No, it hasnt been played. :(
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