Micronae Supremacy A Team vs. Team iAm
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 Micronae Supremacy A Team
 Team iAm
Status: closed
MatchID 21726856
Date Monday, 11/04/11 15:00
Calculated 11/04/11 16:39
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Result Media
1on1:  Xel'Naga Caverns, <tba><tba>
Lumen 0 : 2 DEFCONlRuby
1on1:  Pawn Re, <tba><tba>
capu 1 : 2 DEFCONlYankie
1on1:  Scrap Station, <tba><tba>
Ike 2 : 0 iAmDivine
1on1:  Shattered Temple, <tba><tba>
Blesser 2 : 1 DEFCONlpingEling
2on2:  Discord IV, <tba><tba>
capu, Blesser 2 : 0 DEFCONlpingEling, DEFCONlRuby
Micronae Supremacy A Team wins !
supr 3 : 2 iAm
Points +3 : +2
11/04/11 16:31
Blesser vs. DEFCONlpingEling Game1*
32 kB, 11/04/11 16:31, by 2785961 (supr)
11/04/11 16:32
Blesser vs. DEFCONlpingEling Game2*
118 kB, 11/04/11 16:32, by 2785961 (supr)
11/04/11 16:33
Blesser vs. DEFCONlpingEling Game3*
23 kB, 11/04/11 16:33, by 2785961 (supr)
11/04/11 15:25
Ike vs. iAmDivine Game1*
42 kB, 11/04/11 15:25, by 5340309 (supr)
11/04/11 15:26
Ike vs. iAmDivine Game2*
31 kB, 11/04/11 15:26, by 5340309 (supr)
11/04/11 16:00
Lumen vs. DEFCONlRuby Game2*
79 kB, 11/04/11 16:00, by Capu (supr)
11/04/11 15:59
capu vs. DEFCONlYankie Game1*
31 kB, 11/04/11 15:59, by Capu (supr)
11/04/11 16:00
capu vs. DEFCONlYankie Game3*
29 kB, 11/04/11 16:00, by Capu (supr)
11/04/11 16:32
capu/Blesser vs. DEFCONlpingEling/DEFCONlRuby Game1*
130 kB, 11/04/11 16:32, by 2137758 (supr)
11/04/11 16:32
capu/Blesser vs. DEFCONlpingEling/DEFCONlRuby Game2*
142 kB, 11/04/11 16:32, by 2137758 (supr)
* No longer available

Micronae Supremacy A Team

Team iAm

comments (13)
For some reason we can't change our lineup, I've tried everything, but nothing works. If this problem persists, I'm just saying beforehand that our player on Shattered Temple and our 2v2 team are not correct.

We'll post our 2v2 team and ST player in the comments here ~20 minutes before the clanwar if the problem with inputting the lineup persists.
Hey Akee!

I would love to have this CW postponed till this wednesday april 13. We're are having some issues with player attendance tonight.

Ill check this comment thread once an hour, so feel free to reply here!

thank your in advance
Do you have any streams?
Please post the embed code in the match comments.
Why you said this today? =( I´ve fought hardly whole day trying to make lineup and I did. If some of your players want to play more early it`s ok.

No streamers on our side this time sorry. :)
Mondays are pretty much the only days when we have managers/team leaders available to supervise our games. We don't have that many active players so we're going to have to play this today, I'm sorry. You can always wildcard one BO3 (I'm not sure how many wildcards you can use per clanwar, I think it's only 1)
We can't change lineup either.
a full match can be wildcarded today, before teh start of the match.
no problem we will play anyways with another lineup.
channel esl.cw.4.11 on bnet (Blame the admin for the weird name =( )
Lumen has no gameaccount registred.
Substituting Me instead of capu for 2v2, also agree on defcon's substitution.
Nass instead of PingEling
some replays are missing please upload them asap
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